Like almost all other sports, Scrabble is about scoring more points than your opponent. The real essence of the game lies in maximum utilization of the opportunities that present themselves and ensuring your opponents doesn’t get more chances to score.

Two or Three Letter Hot Spots

If you have a lot of high scoring tiles on your rack, you should watch out for vowels next to any of the bonus squares. A lot of Double Letter Score (DLS) or Triple Letter Score (TLS) are available throughout the board for you to utilize using a single letter from your rack. An experienced player will keep on learning new two or three letter words using the Scrabble word finder and visiting the Scrabble help websites. Enhanced knowledge of these two or three letter words can help you score upwards of 20-30 points in a game.

Premium Squares

The premium squares on the board are placed in such a fashion that better scoring opportunities are found around the edges of the board. The four rows on the outer area of the board present the player with an opportunity to score using the groupings of the DLS and TLS with the Double Word Score (DWS) or the Triple Word Score (TWS). A professional player will make the most out of these areas and use his smaller words carefully to score more points around the edges. Inspiration does not always come from the rack but one must always be aware of all these premium combinations that present themselves on the board during the game.

Reaching TWS

One of the most sought after spots on the board are the TWS. Sometimes the development of the board may make it a little difficult to spot some of these opportunities. It differs from game to game and player to player but utilizing these TWS’s in your game play will ensure you win the game at hand with ease.


Scrabble Tips on Word-Building

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The trick for building words in Scrabble is more than just coming up with the longest or with words that have letters that are the highest pointers. Scrabble words should have the matching prefixes and suffixes that could also boost their value and even block your opponent from unleashing their own high-value stunners.

Word Tips on Scrabble Word Play

Thousands of words are available but only a real tactician in the world of Scrabble knows how to wisely and strategically use additional words or appendages. Prefixes and suffixes are the best tactics to use for a higher scoring word that would absolutely boost your score. How do you do it?


A word finder could help you find the best words with the highest value letters but you can also focus on words with the corresponding suffixes. This is the best Scrabble word finder I have found. For instance, a fifty-point bonus or Bingo could be whipped out with these suffixes on the board. Suffixes such as –S, -ED, -ING, and –ER, are just a few of the words to add to your vocabulary. Look at your rack and look for these suffixes when forming your words.


Scrabble help and tricks also emphasize the importance of prefixes. Prefixes such as UN-, IN-, and RE- are essential word builders and boosters. You can place them on the rack’s separate side to have a clearer visual of your words. Do not limit yourself though because there are other prefixes available such as MIS-, EX-, NON-, PRE-, and TRI-, and even a few words that start with X. All these could boost your words and give you a higher score than the usual.

Learning the strategies and understanding the basic Scrabble tricks for word-building tactics is a must. Scrabble cheat teaches you how to turn your ordinary words into a score-busting stunner with the use of the prefixes and suffixes on the list.


How to use a rack in Scrabble

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In the game of Scrabble, all the players choose 7 letter tiles, then each player place the tiles on his or her rack, form a word with some or all of the tiles and after that draws new tiles to restore those he or she played. Though most players consider only the word(s) they can form with the tiles available on their turn, superior Scrabble players know how to run their racks to make elevated scores. A well managed Scrabble rack might turn out as many as 3 to 4 “bingos” (plays of all seven letters), each meaning a 50-point bonus.

Reshuffle your tiles on your rack.

Much of rack management in Scrabble game is based on the skill to form anagrams, that is, to reshuffle the letters on your rack into significant words which might bring up word tips. You may possibly find it helpful to move the tiles on your rack around till you see a word that you know. As you play the game more frequently, you will increase the skill to manage the letters in your head. When rearranging the tiles, it helps to place the tiles where they frequently appear in words. For instance, letters like F and J are more likely to appear at the beginnings of words, so put them on the left side of your rack. However letters like S and Y are further likely to appear at the end of words, so put them on the right side of your rack, with this you don’t have to use Scrabble cheat or online Scrabble help to earn good points. Familiarize yourself with common complex words.

As you begin to identify common letter combinations used in words, you will finally start to recognize whole words on your rack; you can make use of Scrabble word finder here. The next step is to start placing small words together into complex words, either with 2 words found on your rack or with a single word on your rack and a word existing on the board. For instance, if the word FOOD is already on the board, you can turn it into SEAFOOD if you have the right tiles on your rack and there are sufficient spaces ahead of the F.